About Us

We offer a multitude of technological services centered around continuous learning in the world of corporate finance and value creation.

E-Cademy Dominique Jacquet is a company specialized in the creation of interactive training for various academic partners as well as for corporate clients. Created by Dominique Jacquet, a well known academic and renowned corporate finance consultant, E-Cademy brings together an exceptional multidisciplinary team to assist him.


This team, recruited in the world of interactive strategy, Web technologies and multimedia, assists Dominique Jacquet in the development of constantly updated tools in e-learning, media presentations, audio and video, always at the service of his exclusive educational content.


Several of these courses are developed, on special orders, specifically for various companies wishing to study specific cases concerning them directly.

About Us

Others come from Dominique Jacquet’s vast experience in corporate finance and private financial management and are offered as licenses to various types of clients. Some also come from special partnerships with educational institutions as well as with multinational companies.


Watch an example of custom created corporate formations (in French).


Since mid-January 2020, in addition to these custom created trainings, E-Cademy offers unique monthly subscription-based content in the areas of ​​corporate finance and value creation, directly on its own unique platform. You have access to exciting vidcasts as well as video teaching capsules. In addition, interactive learning courses will be offered with opportunities for certification and assessment of the student’s own path.


Watch Professor Jacquet explain his philosophy for the platform.

About Us