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The news for this November are pretty loaded, starting with company spin-offs. The conglomerates are not popular with financial theorists or with investors who punish them with a discounting of up to 30%. 

Financial theory offers no credible solution. Indeed, the resulting methods focus on the utility of investors who will always consider that it is necessary to catch the fish today because it will probably be gone tomorrow.

Bitcoin is a financial innovation that generates, as such, a certain fascination but financing medium-term assets with liabilities for a duration of more than 7 years leads to taking a very significant risk of the slope of the yield curve. 

In announcing that Tesla had purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins, Elon Musk sharply raised the price of the crypto-currency, then lowered it by reversing the decision to allow the purchase of vehicles paid for in bitcoins...

Since the recording of the educational film dedicated to Beyond Meat, the stock price has dropped from $ 132 to $ 105 in 2 weeks ... It seemed important to update the story while it is fresh.

After considering a valuation of 20 billion euros in September 2020, Vodafone finally listed its towers for an enterprise value of around 14 billion euros, including 2 billion of net financial debt.

When Carrefour presented its 2020 annual accounts on February 18, the market could see that the improvement in economic and financial profitability, which began in 2018, was continuing. 

Professor Jacquet provides an in-depth analysis with his vision of value creation, a key issue in his teaching.

Just one year ago, the first educational film was posted on the platform. It was dedicated to Facebook and wondered about the perennial continuation of a 7-year period of fat cows. Here is the continuation...

If the method of discounting free cash flows at the WACC is difficult to implement because it gives very scattered results, the concept of free cash flow itself is very powerful and must be taught at school, because it expresses the most enviable situation for a company, the available liquidity, and therefore survival.