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After 30 years of absence, inflation is back in North America and Western Europe. Many managers never experienced a double-digit price increase and believed that interest rates (the cost of money!) couldn't move away from zero.

On October 9, appeared on the Internet, a perfectly reliable source of financial information, the disturbing news of a loss of more than 75 billion US dollars in the accounts of ByteDance, founder and owner of the famous TikTok network.

Bill Ackman has just announced that he is returning to investors the 4 billion dollars raised as part of his SPAC Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) after having tried, without success, to identify a "business combination", namely an acquisition target intended to carry out a reverse merger, the hallmark of so-called “blank check” companies.

Michael Dell is well known … for having suggested to Steve Jobs to return their funds to Apple shareholders in 1997 when the firm was on the brink: elegance in person.

Between recording this month's vidcast (“A 44 billion tweet…”) and writing this blog (May 14), Elon Musk announced that he was reconsidering the acquisition of Twitter because he feared that “fake accounts” represent more than the 5% announced by the target.

On March 18, when Coinbase's stock price reached $186 for a market capitalization of nearly 50 billion US dollars, Jim Chanos sold short (you borrow the securities with the promise to return them accompanied by a contractual remuneration, then you sell them hoping that the price collapses…) a little more than 4% of the firm's shares.

Due to their low financial performances, the leading consumer staples have been confronted with shareholders' activism for the last five years. Nestle and P&G in 2017, Danone in 2017 and 2021, Campbell Soup in 2018, and Unilever in January 2022 managed different activists' events.

After 150 years of existence and 25 years of listing, ST Dupont will leave the Paris Stock Exchange at the instigation of its controlling shareholder, the entrepreneur Dickson Poon, based in Hong Kong and operating in the distribution of luxury goods.

By announcing the doubling of its sales forecasts for the iconic F-150 pick-up in its electric (EV) Lightning version, Ford (classified as “oldies” in the compilation of manufacturers) saw its stock price instantly increase by 10%.

On April 29, 2021, while presenting brilliant financial results for the first quarter, Unilever announced a significant share buyback program, covering almost 2.5% of its capital for an amount of 3 billion euros.