Dominique Jacquet

Dominique Jacquet

A short profile of the man behind the E-Cademy, his career and visions.

“Finance should not be an end in itself but a practice that serves a strategic vision.”


Dominique Jacquet is a professor of finance who nurtures his teaching practice by combining academic excellence and deep and permanent ties with the companies he worked for.


From his 10 years of experience in companies, with the responsibility of investment management, and acting as treasurer, then as chief financial officer, he has developed an intense curiosity for the subjects that constitute the bedrock of value creation within the firms.


His vocation as a teacher and researcher was born from his desire to deepen his knowledge of the principles of value creation, but also from the need to share it with decision-makers.


He has taught to a wide variety of audiences, both in terms of experience and geographical and professional provenance, while supervising nearly 30 doctoral theses and leading an intense consulting and technical coaching activity.


His teaching have taken him to Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. He teaches (MBA and / or executive training), among others, at Insead, Cedep, HEC Montréal and École des Ponts, where he headed the Department of Economics and Finance.


In 2006, he initiated a pedagogical approach of blended learning by developing a complete e-learning system with one of its industrial partners, allowing participants to benefit from a truly continuous, coherent and interactive training.


He wished to capitalize on this enriching experience by widening and systematizing it.


E-Cademy is the fruit of its vision of an attractive and effective pedagogy which mission is to contribute to a permanent financial education for business leaders who must integrate the need for sustainable value creation into their operational decisions.



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