Our Corporate Services

We offer a multitude of technological services centered around continuous learning in the world of corporate finance and value creation.

Our business services offer is broad and rich. Because of Dominique Jacquet’s experience as a corporate consultant, we can meet a variety of needs.


We can directly offer Dominique Jacquet’s services for in-person interventions in the context of master-classes, seminars or mixed webinars. He will also be able to present one of his existing conferences or to create a customized one. On location sessions of several days are also possible. These services can either be articulated around one of his courses already created or developed for the occasion, the institution or the company.


We can create all the necessary multi-media tools to accompany one of these presentations, customize them to the color of a company, have them translated into several languages ​​and accompany them with animations, videos or augmented reality.

In addition to our tailor-made training, we can intervene at any stage of an existing corporate educational pathway to add multi-media or interactive elements. We can also start from existing training courses and update them thanks to Dominique’s expertise.


We can also create a learning track for content that has been delivered live to allow administrators to determine its relevance and effectiveness.


Dominique may be involved in evaluating a training and proposing an appropriate review.


Our multimedia, video and podcast creation resources can be used at any stage of a corporate learning journey. One of the specialties of E-Cademy is the case study used as a teaching material.


We ensure confidentiality and exclusivity to all our customers.


If you want to know more or submit a specific request, do not hesitate to use our contact form.

Our Corporate Services