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Whether you own a startup, are a director of a large or small company, are involved at one level or another of management or an entrepreneur, recognized or at the beginning of your career, E-Cademy Dominique Jacquet will be able to offer you, via its monthly subscription, a continuous, concrete and adequate learning of contemporary financial practices. On the 15th of each month, new content will be shared on your subscriber page.



  1. a)    4 “transversal” video modules describing the financial challenges of operational staff
  2. b)   10 “vertical” video modules on the basic tools of finance teams




  1. a)        An educational film developed around key current issues 

For May, the film focuses on McDonald’s and Starbucks, analyzing their real estate strategies.

Here are a few EXCERPTS

  1. b)       A vidcast (in audio and video format) featuring a business event, using the power of storytelling

For May, we are talking about the acquisition of Pharmasset by Gilead, which is currently in the news because of its remdesivir, reputed to be effective against VIDOC-19.

Here are a few EXCERPTS

  1. c)       A blog article commenting on the news as well as links to relevant articles.

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Our latest capsules

Here you will find excerpts from our most recent vidcasts as well as from our educational films presented to subscribers.

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Our newest videos

Here are several short films on our various training courses, our learning modules as well as excerpts from our educational films and vidcasts, accessible in full through subscription. You will also be able to discover some of our recent projects.

  • Excerpts from May 2020 Vidcast: Pharmasset acquisition by Gilead

    Professor Dominique Jacquet discusses the acquisition of Pharmasset by pharmaceutical giant Gilead, which is receiving a lot of attention these days because of the promising efficiency of Remdesivir on COVID-19.

  • Excerpts from the May 2020 educational video / McDonald’s, Starbucks and Real Estate

    In this film, Professor Jacquet explores the two divergent visions of two fast food giants, McDonald's and Starbucks, regarding property management and the consequences on their financial management. Here are a few excerpts.

  • Introduction to E-Cademy Dominique Jacquet

    Each month, this site will offer, through a subscription platform, a series of updated video and podcasts on finance and value creation. there will be new content in addition to various exercises, vertical and horizontal learning as well as real-life case studies. Dominique Jacquet explains a little more in detail the ins and outs of his E-Cademy.

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We develop, from A to Z, for both companies and individuals, digital solutions for online training, in corporate finance and value creation.

Under the direction of Professor Dominique Jacquet, PhD, a specialist in corporate finance, our multidisciplinary team adapts high-level teaching content to the current world of digital training.


With our e-learning strategies, gamification, blended learning, instructional videos, formative podcasts, multimedia integration, and other avenues, we are constantly developing new practices for continuous learning in contemporary finance.



We develop tailor-made contents for companies, adapt existing traditional cursus and create individualized learning. By the fall of 2019, we will also be offering our own monthly subscription-based exclusive content.


We develop custom interactive digital training for corporate clients who need e-learning and / or multimedia tools for their employees, clients or stakeholders.


Concentrated in the field of corporate finance and value creation, they are rooted in the pedagogy developed by Dominique Jacquet in his university teaching as well as in his extensive work with major international companies.


We accompany them in their evolution, advise their senior officers and are constantly looking for the best solutions to their needs in high-level financial training.

Dominique Jacquet

Portrait of a great pedagogue with innovative visions and deep-rooted expertise.

Professor of Finance in institutions of high international reputation, Dominique JACQUET drew from his financial management experience a strong vocation to help operational (and financial) managers in strategic and operational decision-making focused on value creation


After being responsible for investment management, treasurer and CFO, he joined the academic world, teaching various audiences (MBA and executives, Europe-America-Asia-Africa, group courses and individual coaching), while continuing his activity consulting in the field of financial strategy


For more than 10 years, he has been fascinated by the different possibilities of digital tools and e-learning, specially for business training. He was able to deepen this fascination and create an exclusive, constantly evolving concrete approach.

"Finance should not be an end in itself but a practice that serves a strategic vision."

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